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We print everything on recycled paper that has been produced by harnessing the power of the wind

BirdandBeeCo - ETSY shop
As we transition to a new website over the coming weeks you can see all our new items such as our traditional picture hangers, gorgeous canvas prints and all our normal Bird&Bee wares in our ETSY shop. ETSY is a 'market place' platform for artists and designers who hand make their own items. Ordering through ETSY is easy and safe and will arrive in the same way as ordering from the website.

Please take a look while we transition, Ryan / BirdandBeeCo

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Bird&Bee: Dates of Note 2015

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963 days ago under Blogs
~Dates of Note in 2015~ Greetings Friends, It’s been a while since my last newsletter so I thought I’d take this opportunity to share with you some important astronomical occurrences this year - that are not to be missed. 2015 brings us two L…

A Brief History of the Winter Solstice

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1007 days ago under Blogs
A Brief History of Winter Solstice   Today is the Winter Solstice. Inspired by Sir William Mark Tully I was compelled to share my thoughts on something undestood. Here we are at the shortest day of the year - before the long ascent out of th…

Bird&Bee: Gift Wrap & Post Direct

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1012 days ago under Blogs
Wednesday, 17th December Greetings all, Well if you're anything like us then you've got a lot to achieve in the next few days in the run up to the Winter Solstice and to Christmas - good luck to all! We've had a great season so far and have had some wo…

Full Moon Magick…

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1012 days ago under Blogs
Full Moon Magick… Friday, 5th December 2014 Full Moon greetings dear friends, Tonight and tomorrow night will be magical (clear skies permtted). Look to the East for the approaching Full Moon a little after Sunset. It’s sure to be a fa…

Firewood for Novemberrr...

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1039 days ago under Blogs
Thursday, 20th November 2014  Observations  New Moon: Saturday, 22th November 12:32First Quarter: Saturday, 29th November 10:06Full Moon: Saturday, 6th December 12:27Last Quarter: Sunday, 14th D…

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