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Established in the last millenium (1999). Bird&Bee has just moved in to our new graphic & visual arts studio. 

Inspired by natural forms, science, people, the universe, the arcane, the big questions and the little things, we make an eclectic range of original things you will find nowhere else.... come inside and take a look around.





We print everything on recycled paper that has been produced by harnessing the power of the wind


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Zero Gravity Monkeys & Winter Dreaming

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232 days ago under Blogs
Tuesday, 31st December 2013-New Year's Eve- Bird&Bee: Zero Gravity Monkeys & Winter Dreaming Greetings all, I write this whilst looking out onto the ice covered, Inner Oslofjørd, from the North Nesoddtangen peninsula… In th…

Adventures in Cape Verde...

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582 days ago under Newsletter
Friday, 11th January, 2013  New Moon: Friday 11th JanuaryFull Moon: Sunday 27th January       Greetings all,  Firstly, I'd like to wish you a belated Happy New Year for 2013.  We took the quick decisio…

Important dates for 2013

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582 days ago under Miscellanea
Dates for 2013 I have compiled an 'at a glance' graphic for you to use to isolate key dates this year. Including New & Full Moons, Eclipses and, of course, Solstices and Equinoxes. Here it is:     

Silvery Sun Shines on Sheffield - an ode to Patrick Moore

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608 days ago under Blogs
Thursday 13th December 2012  Greetings all,[As I write this, the low sun is striking a crystal pendulum hanging from  my window frame, exploding light beams all over the kitchen walls in a full spectrum of colours.] Firstly, as the New Moon a…

Trick or Treacle...

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657 days ago under Blogs
1st November 2012 Blood Moon: 29th October - 27th November 2012 Full Moon:Monday 29th October 19:49Last Quarter:Wednesday 7th November 00:36New Moon:Monday 13th November 22:08First  Quarter:Monday 20th November 14:31  Sun Sign: Scorp…

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