The wind's a whistlin' through the keyhole...

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Now and again the wind becomes so extreme around NO13 (our house) that the wind begins to whistle through our keyhole. With every severe gust it manages to make it's way to the back door and produce a shrill note that reminds us of the forces at work outside. It has become a welcoming and familiar sound but also a reminder of extreme weather conditions that seems to have increased over the years.

With floods in Cumbria and Scotland this year already and countless hurricanes and floods around the world we are reminded of the shear force of nature and of the issues risen around climate change.

The houses that nestle on the cliff tops on the east coast of  Norfolk are teetering on the edge and may well be gone soon. We visited this place in the summer and whilst the romantic notion of living this close to the sea has great appeal, living in this place must fraught with worry and the inevitability of a watery end to life on the edge. High tides that a drawn in under the full moon around the time of the Equinox are particularly worrisome. This is the time when severe erosion is more likely to occur.

In 2007 in Sheffield, we had a major flood that filled the 'Wicker' area for four days and brought central Sheffield to a standstill - buckling roads and leaving debris in it's wake. Over the last two weeks the tree lined streets where we live have changed so dramatically - one day covered in autumnal shades from green to deep red - the next bare branches and tree fall all over the roads and pavements. Is the weather getting more extreme where you are?





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