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Bird & Bee - Full Moon Newsletter

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Birch Moon: (18th October 05:33 - 16th November 19:13) Full Moon: 2nd November 19:14 Hello Friend, Autumnal greetings from Bird&Bee. Bird&Bee have been busy bees this year. We have a brand new website which is packed with pictures, blogs, knowledge bank, commissions, projects we're working on and a new shoppe! All 2010 Moon Stock is in and ready for order. We have some special offers on too at the moment. We will be releasing special offers with every Full Moon News Letter. The Moon Mug has landed - beautiful, brand new product. Firewood Collection Prints available now - brand new product. New Website launched today - Please give us your feedback. 2010 Moon Calendars available now. This year sees Bird&Bee approaching 10 years of producing The Original and Unique…


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Firewood - Old Folklore Poem Beechwood fires burn bright & clear,If the logs are kept a year,Chestnut only good they say, If for long, it’s laid away,But Ash new or Ash old, Is fit for Queen with crown of Gold,Birch & Fir logs burn too fast, Blaze up bright and do not last, It is by the Irish said, Hawthorn bakes the sweetest bread, Elmwood burns like churchyard Mold, E’en the very flames are cold, But Ash green or Ash Brown, Is fit for Queen with Golden Crown,Poplar gives a bitter Smoke, Fills your eyes and makes you choke,Apple wood will scent your room, With an incense like perfume,Oaken logs if dry and old, Will keep away the winter’s cold, But Ash wet or Ash dry, A king shall warm his slippers by. Trees ENGLISH OAK Quercus robur Probably the best known tr…

The Moon

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Bird&Bee’s Moon The Moon has an immense force on us, animals, the seas & oceans of Earth, it fires the imagination and gives light to us in the dark of the night. At a distance of 240,000 miles, the Moon is our nearest heavenly neighbour. Her radius is 1,080 miles compared to our Earth’s radius at 3,960 (a ratio of 3:11). The Moon is not perfectly spherical & consequently the same face is always looking at us. This gives her a ‘Dark Side’ unseen from Earth. The orbital plain of the Moon is tilted from Earth’s by 5.15o enabling periodical eclipses to occur and a fluctuation of altitude, moonrises and moonsets. Something in the Water We are all 78% water at birth and Earth is 75% covered in water - a coincidence you might say - not so. The gravita…

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