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We print everything on recycled paper that has been produced by harnessing the power of the wind

New Moon News

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Posted by admin 2864 days ago under Newsletter
New Moon: 16th November 19:14 Full Moon: 2nd December 07:30Blue Moon: 31st December 19:13 Lunar Eclipse: 31st December 19:22 Hello Friend, Welcome to Bird&Bee’s news update.  We hope you are all well and coping with the weather, the sniffles and the onset of Christmas!We are at an exciting time at the moment with Christmas Markets hotting up, the ‘Word on the Street’ sculpture trail planning application going in next week, Creative Practitioner work underway in local schools and we have run out of Moon Mugs (don’t worry more have arrived!). Our Full Moon/New Moon Newletter will give you a flavour of what we are up to, what is happening in the night sky at the moment and any insights offered up in the process of creation….thanks for looking! RyanBi…

The wind's a whistlin' through the keyhole...

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Posted by sales 2865 days ago under Miscellanea
Now and again the wind becomes so extreme around NO13 (our house) that the wind begins to whistle through our keyhole. With every severe gust it manages to make it's way to the back door and produce a shrill note that reminds us of the forces at work outside. It has become a welcoming and familiar sound but also a reminder of extreme weather conditions that seems to have increased over the years. With floods in Cumbria and Scotland this year already and countless hurricanes and floods around the world we are reminded of the shear force of nature and of the issues risen around climate change. The houses that nestle on the cliff tops on the east coast of  Norfolk are teetering on the edge and may well be gone soon. We visited this place in the summer and whilst the romantic notion o…

Problems Ordering?...use the 'Simple Shoppe'!

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Posted by sales 2867 days ago under Newsletter
If you are experiencing difficulties ordering  - click on the link below and submit your order request directly to me. I will then send a payment request to you. You can make payment via Paypal or any Debit/Credit Card and I will process your order and post it straight out. Thanks for your patience - I am working hard to resolve the issues with the new system. RyanBird&Bee 

BB–Ordering issues....

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Posted by sales 2878 days ago under Newsletter
Hello from Bird&Bee. A few of my valued customers are having some difficulty in ordering through the site. We are working hard to rectify some of the little idiosyncrasies that are cropping up with the new system. It is inevitable that there would be a few teething problems but we are on it and working through them. I am going through the process regularly to make it more user friendly but rest assured you can still order form us in other ways: 1: you can email your order to me at 2: You can post your order to: Bird&BeePO Box 3237SheffieldS11 9WJ  Please include your order, your postal address and a cheque for the order amount. You can work this out in the shopping cart or by emailing me.   Light my FireVery much looking forward to a big …

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