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Bird and Bee's 'Once in a Blue Moon' Newsletter - November

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Wednesday 9th November 2011 Birch Moon (Full): Thursday 10th November 20:16 Last Quarter: Friday 18th November 15:09 New Moon: Friday 25th November 06:10 First Quarter: Friday 2nd December 09:52 Solar Eclipse: 25th November 06:21 South Pole To view the path of the eclipse click here Will Self & Myself 'Off the Shelf' Sheffield 2011 by Ruth Taylor Hello Friend, into the dark we go... Birch Moon... Samhain marks the end of the harvest for all Pagans, Picts, Celts, Druids and Nature lovers...and the entering into the 'dark-half' of the year'. The moon rises directly opposite the Earth from the Sun on the 10th November at 20:16...Remember: The Full Moon always rises at sunset. The last quarter at midnight. The New Moon always rises at sunrise. The first quarter at noon. The asteroid…

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