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Lunar Eclipse - June 15th 2011 - Under a Blood Red Moon

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Posted by ryan 2293 days ago under Blogs
Lunar Eclipse - June 15th 2011 - Under a Blood Red Moon Hi All,Just wanted to remind you incase you haven't checked your Lunar Wheel 2011 this week, that we have a Lunar Eclipse tonight (June 15th 2011). •The eclipse occurs between 18:23 and 22:02.•Totality will last from  19:22 until 21.02.•Moon rise in Sheffield is at 21:15  (slightly earlier in the South and slightly later in the North) At Moonrise (21:15 UT/BST), the moon will appear red, as the Sun casts Earth's shadow over the Moon and cuts out the shorter light waves of the light spectrum. The longer, red light waves escape through the earths atmosphere to illuminate the moon in a red hue. This means that, if we have a clear sky we will catch the end of totality as the moon rises over the horizon -…

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