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Thursday, 20th November 2014 


New Moon: Saturday, 22th November 12:32
First Quarter: Saturday, 29th November 10:06
Full Moon: Saturday, 6th December 12:27
Last Quarter: Sunday, 14th December 12:51



Good evening dear friends,

Over the last few weeks we’ve have had many requests for Bird&Bee’s Fireside Companion and enquiries as to when we are going to have them back in stock. SO ~ whilst we were busy stocking up our woodpile ready for this winter we have also stocked up on 1st Edition Fireside Prints.

My original idea was to create a second edition next year – a re-work in a different style, with a 32-page fireside companion on the art of firewood collection, folklore and traditional methods of splitting, stacking and seasoning - for open-fire enthusiasts, stove owners and wood connoisseurs alike. But in the interim I have done a limited run of the original (with a few tweeks). These will be available for a limited time from the Monday 1st December; in the original Spanish Moss and also in a Deep Vermillion, both with Gold accents that flicker by the fireside.

You can, however, pre-order a Fireside Companion chart in Spanish Moss (original colour) or in Deep Vermillion Red -  now by clicking here or visiting the ‘shoppe’. You can choose from a single print in either colour or buy one of each as a ‘brace’. Both colours are also available framed in Antique Oak orRococo Gold. The run is limited so will be sent out on a first come, first served basis.

Pre-orders will be dispatched on Monday 1st & Tuesday 2nd December -promptly!


For those of you that do not know, the Fireside Companion came about because back in 2009 we 
moved into our first house and installed a stove & a solar thermal panel. I plumbed the stove into the heating system for winter warmth and the solar thermal panel gives us hot water in the summer months – no need to switch the boiler on!

From this, it occurred to me to collect all the indigenous and common trees found in the British Isles and see what they were like to find, manage, split, season and burn. I made notes on each one as they were burned and then produced a fireside chart, which, whilst poetic, makes for an interesting read as it shimmers by the fireside.

Some woods are a waste of time to manage; others fill the house with gorgeous scents. Some need to be 'seasoned'; others burn green. Traditional woodsman methods & folklore tales tell us all we need to know about ‘what’s good to burn’ and ‘what’s not’ - forgotten knowledge, ancient wisdom! 

This year we have alot of Cedar wood at home, which smells great when burned. It burns hot and it burns bright – perfect for keeping out the winter chill and filling the house with a fragrant scent. Bird&Bee’s Fireside Companion has this to say about Cedar:

“Another great wood to burn, putting out lots of lasting heat and little in the way of smoke. Produces a small flame and a good scent, but spits and crackles and pops. Great splitting wood; good for simmering a cooking pot on top.”

We are also offering a Bird&Bee Winter Print Pack
For this you will receive a box with the following in:

1 x Lunar Wheel 2015
1 x Bird&Bee’s Fireside Guide (Moss Green)
1 x Bird&Bee’s Fireside Guide (Deep Vermillion Red)
1 x Lunar Wave Folding Card 2015
1 x Folding Peace Card (Peace in 100 languages)
1 x Folding Love Card (Love in 100 languages)
1 x Mystery Gift 

These are available to pre-order for £29.99 including P&P and will also be dispatched from 1st December. Just order as normal and they will be dispatched on the 1st December.



 Comet 67P
Philae (the Rosetta probe) managed to land on Comet 67P but the landing was bumpy and the visit was short lived. Still a phenomenal achievement but it remains to be seen how much we learn from the latest adventure into space and time. I for one am looking forward to seeing the images.


Spread some Peace & Love this Christmas


We have been busy Bee’s over here in the Sheffield Lab. We have the 2nd Edition of our Peace & Love Christmas cards ready to ship.

Each card is beautifully printed on recycled board that has been made by a paper plant that is powered solely by wind power. The deep set, foil blocked lettering offsets the richly printed colours. Each card depicts the words ‘peace’ and ‘love’ in one hundred different languages and comes with an internal key to tell you which language comes from where.

‘Peace’ is printed in Sky Blue with Silver foil blocked lettering and comes with a Fushia Pink envelope. ‘Love’ is printed in Rhodamine Red with Gold foil blocked lettering and comes with a golden yellow envelop – brighten up someones Christmas! You can get one of each Peace & Love here for £3.00 or an economical 10 pack (5 of each) for £10 a pack.


Lunar Wave Folding Cards 2015


We also have a special on 10 packs of our ever-popular Lunar Wave Cards. You can get a 10 pack for £25 until the new moon (Saturday 6th December)


Lunar Wheel Chart 15th Edition


Calling all Moon-lovers & Outdoors-folk, Gardeners & Growers, Stargazers & Sun-worshippers, Nature Lovers & Night Owls, Anglers and Astronomers...we present Bird&Bee's Original Lunar Wheel Moon Calendar (15th Edition) to guide you through the wax & wane of the year and help you tune in to the natural cycles all around us… 

 As we spread the word about our ultimate lunar ephemeris, please don’t forget how great these are as original gifts for Christmas for adults and children alike. Useful, informative. beautiful and lasts all year round. Available in the Shoppe


Bird&Bee Framery


We have extended our range of Bird&Bee frames this year and now you can get our Lunar items and Fireside Guide in original antique oak and now also in Rococo Gold Leaf. All packed safely and with care and with scratch resistant styrene, false-glass. Float Glass versions are available to pick up from the Bird&Bee studio.

Thanks to all, keep warm...



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