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Wednesday, 17th December


Greetings all,

Well if you're anything like us then you've got a lot to achieve in the next few days in the run up to the Winter Solstice and to Christmas - good luck to all! We've had a great season so far and have had some wonderful comments and feedback from our dear patrons. One particular comment sticks out in my mind. One gentleman placed an order for a few Lunar Wheels but wanted them gift wrapped and delivered to several different addresses with personal messages for each, in order to save postage time. We obliged of course and came up with a nominal fee for each of £2.50 per address. Thank you - you know who you are :) 

GiftWrap & Post Direct

So I have now added the service to the 'Shoppe' and can send directly to your chosen recipient. I wrap the items individually in a lovely red tissue paper with Bird&Bee insignia (either wax stamped or stickered depending on the item). Lunar Wheels are sent in our 'toblerone' boxes and a handwritten card is inserted too.

 If you would like to make use of the service then just order as normal, then add one 'GiftWrap' option per address and checkout with 'your' postal address as normal. Then drop me an email at with your personal message and the name and address you would like it sent to. It will save you postage time and I will wrap it for you - Marvellous! 

Posting Dates

I also wanted to let you know the final Posting Dates for Christmas and for New Year (when the Lunar Wheel activates for 2015). 

Christmas - Royal Mail's last posting date is this Saturday 20th December for the UK, Wednesday 17th for Europe and today for USA. Of course I will continue posting out, up until Christmas Eve, but for those of you that haven't ordered for Christmas Day - this is it. For New Years I will be working up until Christmas Eve and I will be in over the holiday period to ensure that anyone wanting there orders for New Year, gets them! 

Bird&Bee will then return on the 5th January to embrace the New Year and to orchestrate our dextrous plans for 2015. Best wishes to all, seasons greetings and may we all proceed with an aire of calm about us, a sure foot and a glint in our eye!



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