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~Dates of Note in 2015~

Greetings Friends,

It’s been a while since my last newsletter so I thought I’d take this opportunity to share with you some important astronomical occurrences this year - that are not to be missed. 2015 brings us two Lunar Eclipses, two Solar Eclipses, a Blue Moon, a Super Moon & three Friday the 13ths. I have prepared a small - easy to read guide to ‘dates of note’ in 2015. It measures 6’”x 6” and can be printed out and kept for referral. You can download it here.


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~Solar & Lunar Eclipses~

 Friday, 20th March 11:12

You can witness the Total Solar Eclipse from Longearbyen, Svalbard but it will still be a spectacular sight from the UK at 09:30. ­If we get a clear sky we will see a sliver of light at the base of the eclipse.


Saturday, 4th April 12:00

A Partial Lunar Eclipse is visible in the Pacific from the Arctic to the Antarctic.

 Friday 31st July 10:43

On this day, a 2nd full moon occurs in July. A Blue Moon is a rarity that occurs once every three years or so.

 Sunday, 13th September 12:23

This Partial Solar Eclipse is best viewed from the Antarctic or the shores of South Africa.

 Monday, 28th September 02:47

The second Lunar Eclipse of the year is total and is also a Supermoon. It can be seen from the Americas, all the way to Europe. This is the one to stay up for. Blessed with a clear night, we will be able to view this throughout the UK and Europe, the Americas  and the Western Sahara. As Earth’s shadow is cast upon the face of the Moon, it will turn a deep red from sunlight’s journey through the Earth’s atmosphere...a sight to behold! 


 Friday the 13ths

There are an amazing three separate occurrences in the months of February, March & November. Lucky for some! 

Thanks for supporting Bird&Bee and what we stand for and please look out for our new creations later this year. We welcome any feedback and would love to hear from you about any thoughts, ideas or suggestions you have.

 Till the Solar Eclipse, 

Ryan, Bird&Bee


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